Wordpress Cloud Hosting (Basic)

$24.92 USD

Just right for worry free hosting of single wordpress sites. Includes easy, one-click development and staging environments, fast backups and restorations if trouble ever comes around.

Wordpress Cloud Hosting (Woocommerce)

$29.92 USD

Host your Woocommerce (Wordpress) store in the cloud so your customers can enjoy high performance shopping experiences on desktop or mobile uninhibited by slow, unreliable wordpress web hosting.

Wordpress Cloud Hosting (Critical)

$41.58 USD

For owners of mission-critical Wordpress sites who need better sleep. This package offers premium security features including machine learning and auto-recovery mechanisms to prevent disasters in the first place and keep things running during challenging times.

Inkluderet i alle pakker

  • +99.9% Uptime
  • <1 second load times typical for Wordpress Sites
  • Easy, one-click staging sites
  • Easy, one-click backup & restore
  • Easy scalability when you're ready to grow